Every week the Lead Pastor Team works hard to bring messages that are full of hope, directed by the Holy Spirit, and rooted in scripture.  Every 6-8 weeks we start a new series, all grounded in Biblical texts. We hope that you join us in wrestling through these weekly texts, allowing space for God to continue to mold and shape us into the image of His son, Jesus. If you happened to miss a week in a series, you will find the video below.  If you would like to subscribe to our podcast you can do so here for iTunes.

The Coles - Tim and Katie


Serving in

The Stokers- Jeff and Carolyn

Children: Brian, Beth, and Keith

Serving in Camroon with Covenant World Mission

The Stokers are both involved at Rain Forest International School - a school primarily for the children of missionaries. Jeff is the financial manager and teaches Economics. Jeff is also involved in the accounting for many of the Covenant's African mission fields.

Carolyn is a full-time science teacher.


The Peres-Joe and Kerry

Children: David, Shannon, Michael

Servingin Little Rock, Arkansas with Family Life Today, CREW

Joe is the "Advance Man" for Family Life Today marriage and family conferences and travels nationally with the teams.  Kerry homeschools the two younger children.

The Lorrings- Ian and Caralee

Children: Ashley, Isaac, and David

Serving in Korca, Albania with Open Air Campaigners

Involved in planting churches in the Southeast of Albania, with the goal of training leaders that will keep them going into the nest generation. Ian is the Senior Pastor in Korca and director of the Kennedy Foundation. Ministries include a medical clinid with visitation, an assisted living facility for at-risk elderly in the community, a physical therapy clinic, special education, handicapped ministry, day care for street kids, and safe houses for boys ans girls who are vulnerable and at risk.

Caralee homeschools in the mornings and serves in leading women's Bible studies; children's ministries; working with the handicapped orphanage; and leadership development of women.  She is also a trained special education teacher and nutritionist.

The Gustafsons- Jim and Joanie

Serving all over Thailand with SDRF (Sustainable Development Research Foundation) and Covenant World Mission

Jim brings international coordination to a network of projects throughout Thailand. These projects include aquatic farms in the North and South, a leadership development center in Udon, EXCEL - an English language learning center, and a center for HIV/AIDS affected communities (CHAC). Each of these activities addresses the needs of at-risk communities.


The Groots- Carl and karen

Children: Daniel, Naomi, and Bethany

Serving in Bangkok, Thailand with Covenant World Mission

The Groots lead the Abundant Life Center (ALC), a ministry to rural Northeastern Thai who migrate to Bangkok in search of employment. Offered at the center are housing in "Community Together," a general education program, vocational training, and employment for some through a business called ALC CRAFTS, a model of "Business Enterprise as Mission."


The Grimes' - Jonathan, Christy

Children: Eliana and Mary

Serving in South Asia with WYCLIFFE Bible Translators

Since 2005 Jonathan and Christy have been serving the "Maple People" of South Asia to develop a written language for Bible translation.  Jonathan is currently working to complete a Ph. D. at Fuller Seminary to aid in that task.


The Dwights-Don and Lillian

Children: Peter, Matthew, Andrew, Olivia, and Megan

Serving in Taiwan with Covenant World Mission

Don is Principal and Counselor at Marrison Academy in Taichung, Taiwan, a school primarily for missionary children, but also Ethnic Chinese. Don also serves as Pastor of a ministry to Filipino factory workers.

Lillian is leading a Bible study for Chinese moms of Morrison students. They also work with Chinese Covenant Churches in their English camp outreaches.

The Satterbergs - Ken and Adrienne

Serving in Marsailles, France with Covenant World Mission

Ken and Adrienne serve through the Covenant's "Mosaic Project," an outreach to marginalized people in Europe. Their special focus is that of developing communication and bridge-building with Muslim communities in ways that respect their culture and promote redemptive friendships.

While doing this, they are also continuing their studies in the Arabic language.


The Steiners - Phil and Mindy


Serving in La Mission, Mexico with Be2Live

Phil and Mindy Launced Be2Live in ?????????.  Their ministry seeks to ??????


schroeder pic.jpg

The Schroeders - Don and Cheryl

Children: Three adult (and married) daughters and 6 grandchildren

Serving in South Asia with SIM (Society for International Ministries)

Don and Cheryl have been with SIM since 1999.  They have been working in a country in South Asia among the Muslim people there.  Don is an environmental engineer and his initial entry into this country was to start an arsenic remediation program to help with this extensive problem in the local drinking water in rural areas.  Cheryl is an RN and has worked in a rural health program for women and children. 

Cheryl is also trained in ESL, and their new visa assignment will be for Cheryl to teach Spoken English to students and young adults.  They are currently waiting on South Asian government approval for the overall Spoken English program.  They have been cleared by SIM to return to long-term ministry in South Asia and are gearing up to return for ministry by November 1.  Their primary ministry focus will be through the SIM Indigenous Outreach Workers (IOW) program.  Don and Cheryl will continue their partnership with those local believer families who are involved in both outreach and discipleship, with the goal of local house church formation.  Cheryl will be also teaching Spoken English in a development program as their government visa identity.  They will be living in a town about 5 hours bus drive from the capital.  Due to security concerns on the internet, they can’t be more specific about their ministry location, but they welcome anyone who cares to learn more details to email them at:


Andrew Larsen


Serving the Muslim Community at large with Covenant World Mission

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