Join us for dinner and elective series for 3 Wednesday nights in January (9, 16, and 23) 6:00-8:00pm.

*Discounted pre-registration meal prices: $10 per person or $40 per family total for all 3 weeks.

Register at the MCCU table at the back of the church on Sundays or click here to register online by 1.6.2017 for pre-registration.

Walk-in per week is $5 per person or $20 per family

Adult Electives Available:

Raising Generation Z: Looking at the technology, sexuality, and spirituality of this new generation.
The kids who fill up our children's ministry and student ministry are part of Generation Z.  There is just now starting to be a critical mass of information about some of the unique perspectives, challenges, and blessings that mark this generation.  We are going to spend three weeks exploring the characteristics of this cohort and exploring how we as parents and as the church can care well for them.  
Pastor Ben Kerns

Developing healthy financial habits
Academic research shows that the financial habits you form today will be with you for your lifetime.  In this class, we’ll share five practical principles that lead to healthy financial habits.  These arise from our own experiences, Ken’s decades of work in finance, and from studying what scripture says about managing one’s finances.  The class stays on the practical side, focusing on implementable biblically-based actions that Ken and Jennifer have taken (and that we can all take) to develop healthy financial habits.  Bring a Bible!
Jennifer and Ken Kroner

When our reality does not align with our expectations…Or  God’s Upside-down economy
As Christians, we sometimes find ourselves in situations where we think that God made a wrong decision, or that He doesn’t appreciate the difficulty of the situation we are in, or that He doesn’t listen to our prayers. In this study we will take a closer look at the lives of some people in the Bible, and see what we can learn from those stories. We will also supplement that with some of our own experiences. The end goal is that we will build our trust in what God does for us, develop patience if things do not happen right away, and above all accept the fact that God is in control and loves His people no matter what.
Wim Van Dam

A Spiritual Life:  A practical seminar on becoming a person of spiritual depth, influence and legacy.
It is embedded in the heart of every human to long for a deep, rich, vibrant, and satisfying relationship with God.  And it is an equally compelling vision to have lived a life of significance and Godly impact on our families and the world.  How do we achieve these?  The answers are both easier and harder than you might think.
Pastor Jeff Mazzariello


Hope to see you there!