The mission of Jesus was and continues to be to announce and invite people into what he called, "The Kingdom (agenda or dream) of God."  What we find to be most exciting about this mission is that Jesus invite us to partner with him in implementing it.  "Outreach" is the term we use to describe our response to that invitation.  

Almost every outreach opportunity represents a valid need.  Yet not every one of those needs can be met by every Church. Marin Covenant Church makes decisions about an outreach focus based not only on the legitimacy of the investment, but on our sense of divine leading/calling/focus.  Currently, that focus has three primary applications; Muslim people groups, HIV infected and affected people, Hamilton School in Novato California and the unique areas of influence that each of us have in our local context.  All decisions for investment of church resources (both financial and human) are made in light of these three callings.


We are committed to being a blessing to our world. We do that primarily by building reciprocal relationships with a team of missionaries that share our church's values and sense of calling.

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We are committed to being a blessing to our local context.  This takes its form in many different ways. One of the places we have specifically decided to invest in is Hamilton Elementary School.  We partner with them in everything from Community Yard Sales to After School Mentor programs to quarterly Teacher Appreciation Lunches. 
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We are committed to being a blessing to our friends and colleagues - those we might simply consider being "in our lives".  We encourage the building of caring relationships in our neighborhoods and places of employment. We try to provide teaching about how to do that, as well as occasional "invite events" that help make it possible.

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