At Marin Covenant Church, we realize that raising kids is a unique and often difficult calling. In this particular time, it seems like the pressures and challenges are overwhelming. Instead of hiding in a cave or completely giving up, here at Marin Covenant Church we are committed to helping parents thrive as they invest in the spiritual life of their children. We figure that the best plan for parents to do this is for them to do life and parenting with other parents.  For questions on any of these programs, please email Ben Kerns, Lead Pastor of Youth and Families.  


The curriculum we use for Children's Ministry and the philosophy we use for our student ministry is called ORANGE.  It is an intentional partnership between parents and the church.   We have many resources for parents to walk along with their children as they help them grow towards Christ.  


Every quarter we have an opportunity for parents to gather without their kids.  These are informal gatherings that are lighthearted and fun.  Email Ben Kerns to get the details on our next event. 


Twice a semester, we will gather parents together on a Wednesday evening. After they drop their kids off at youth group, parents are encouraged to stay and enjoy a time of connection, encouragement, and equipping.  Raising teenagers is quite a challenge, and we need each other to for support, wisdom, and sanity.  Check the calendar on the Student page for more information about dates and topics.



Each family with children involved in Children's Ministry gets the honor of being part of our ministry co-op.  You will have the opportunity to volunteer monthly in the classroom and be a blessing to our ministry, to your children, and to your children's friends.  We have also found that this is an incredible way for parents to meet and make friends with other parents.  


MOPS is a twice a month gathering for moms who have pre-schoolers. It provides an excellent chance for moms to get out of the house and have our children cared for while we gather for food, laughter, and encouragement together. We meet on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of the month from 9:15-11:30am.  Our Fall kickoff will be Tuesday, September 10. For more information, email MarinMOPs.


Throughout the year we will have unique gatherings designed specifically for parents of children in certain life stages.  The challenges of life seem to be pretty unique and ever changing depending on the particular life stage of each child.  This is an opportunity to gather with parents who are in a similar boat.  Keep your eyes peeled to the Weekly Announcements for the next gathering.  



Every spring, a group of dads heads off to the Russian river for a weekend of camping with their boys.  It is an incredible time of male bonding with very few vegetables or showers.  E mail Ben Kerns for dates and more information.