Has God given you a vision to serve your local community? Do you feel called to serve and love people as believers of Christ? We all have unique gifts, passions, and spheres of influence.  If you have an idea for a local Missional Initiative in your life here's your chance to see it come to life. Seeds for Deeds is Marin Covenant Church's way of partnering with you to help bring the vision God has given you to a reality and a blessing to others.

As followers of Christ, we are invited to be co-laborers in the work of expanding the Kingdom of God.  As a church we want to affirm the unique ministry God has called you to and we want to partner with you by resourcing your dream.  Seeds for Deeds offers a one time, missional grant of up to $5000 to be used for you to develop your idea, be a blessing in your local community, and help others see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven! Applications are rolling in and must be approved by June 30 2019.

Click the Seeds for Deeds link to fill out your application today. For further information email danielle@marincovenant.org