An important letter from your Pastors

Dear church family:

As we launch into another ministry year, we want to thank you for the way you’ve responded to the challenges we’ve laid before you, and celebrate with you the overwhelming level of blessing and success in ministry that Marin Covenant has had the privilege of experiencing this past year.  This is largely because few churches can match your level of commitment and follow through.  We sure hope you realize that and are encouraged by it.

More and more of us have been discovering our gifts and seeking to employ them.  Some examples are, the new “Mentor Me Marin” and “Homework Club” launched at Hamilton School; people joining the more than 20 “smaller” groups being offered; and record numbers of students turning out on Wednesday nights, just to name a few.  Both inside and outside MCCs walls people are growing, serving, and many are hearing the good news of Jesus.

If In order to build on what God has called MCC to do, we need your continued investment.  If you were at our church’s annual meeting, you’ll recall that we passed a very missional, faith-based, budget.  We wanted to increase our capacity for ministry and have started to see fruit from this investment.  For instance, student ministry staff was added and over 100 students were at our youth ministry launch. We’ve increased our level of missions support; and we’ve enhanced our facility in ways that will dramatically improve our ability to bless and serve.  

God led the members present at our annual meeting to implement increases in ministry which had large budget ramifications.  After our first quarter, we are finding ourselves 20% off budget.  We are discerning if this is a slow onramp to summer, or if we need to make a course correction.  In this new year of ministry, we would love for you to jump in with both feet and invest in the ministries here at MCC as well as in your personal walk toward Jesus.  

So what's next?

1.  Would you consider investing in the ministry of this church you love by:

Developing a plan for regular financial giving to MCC?

Considering, if you are already giving regularly to MCC, an increase in the amount you give?

Signing up to give online?

2.  Would you consider investing in yourself and your faith by:

Feeding your own spiritual formation through participation in a smaller group?

Recommitting to being present and active in Sunday morning worship?

Taking advantage of one or more of the Sunday morning classes and seminars we offer?

We are honored to be your pastors and to walk through life and faith with you.  Thank you for the privilege to serve alongside you as we seek to honor Jesus and expand His kingdom here in Marin!

Grace & Peace,

Art, Jeff, and Ben