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Ways you can help in our Fire Disaster Relief Efforts:

In the midst of this tragic fire disaster, we want to say thank you to so many people in our church who have donated their homes, time, and resources to people in need.

While the breadth of the suffering and loss and the magnitude of the need leave us all feeling a bit overwhelmed, there are a few ways that you can join us in continuing to serve those affected by the fires:

1.  Open your home to those needing housing.
We are maintaining a list of MCC homes currently open to providing temporary housing to victims and evacuees. If you have a room to offer or if you have friends or family that are in need of housing, please email Peggy@marincovenant.org or call her at the church office (415) 479-1360.

2.  Volunteer at our partner evacuation site.
There are many churches and organizations that are helping in various ways.  Our church is linking arms through financial assistance and donations with New Life Church in Novato. They are still accepting donations of gift cards and gas cards for affected families. Donation and distribution hours are between 9AM-7PM. 
We are also partnering with Bay Marin for donations and volunteering.  You can see updated information from them here: http://baymarin.org/wildfire-update/

3.  Find a unique way to give based on your resources and passions.
Additionally, there are many, many great organizations that are helping in a wide variety of ways!  Link here to see a constantly updated list of resources and opportunities.  

4.  Join us in providing financial assistance to care for people who have suffered loss and are in need.  
Our church is committed to giving financial help to disaster relief efforts as well as to meet individual needs out of our ministry budget.  You can donate to our Fire relief funds by Texting (415) 524-0421 with any amount and the key words FIRE RELIEF.  We are also collecting donations to help with the Hurricane devastation in Puerto Rico.  You can donate to those funds by Texting (415) 524-0421 with any amount and the key words PUERTO RICO.
As always you can also make a general donation on our website here: http://marincovenant.org/give/ .

Thank you so much for your continued care and generosity to our church and to our community.  May we work hard to be good news to a world that needs it!


Career Matters : LinkedIn 201 - How to build your Network with Purpose.

THIS Sunday, October 22, 12:15-12:30 in the Pt Reyes room in RNPI - This career development workshop will help you build and bolster your LinkedIn network based on your specific career goals and objectives.
Join us as we take a step-by-step approach to helping you build your professional network. In this workshop you’ll learn:
How to build an effective (virtual) network
How to add value to your network
How to Identify people you want to connect with
How to utilize In-Mail in making strategic connections
How to Manage your LinkedIn Network
How to leverage LinkedIn Notifications

This free-of-charge workshop will immediately follow the 2nd service. Seating is limited to 28 so register by clicking here today
*Missed last month’s LinkedIn workshop? No problem! A recap of last month’s “LinkedIn Basics” workshop will kick off this follow-up session. 


Are you interested in being a Mentor at Hamilton Elementary School?

We have a new mentor training on November 1st! We have created, maintained, and grown the mentor program where students meet one on one with a caring adult from our community.  About 60% of these adults are Marin Covenant folks.  We are in dire need of more mentors.  We currently have 57 kids on our waitlist but could easily have 50 more on that list.   
If you are interested in being a mentor or would like to hear more about the program click here for the evite! You don't need to do anything, just come! 
If you'd like to read more about the amazing things happening over at Hamilton, click here!


Be A Part of The Welcome Team

Looking for a great way to serve your church? Consider joining the welcome team. Openings are now available. For more information, write to Mark Kessler at UshersMCC@gmail.com


Save The Dates:

  • Operation Christmas Child - Looking for Volunteers, November 13-20, 2017. Email Pastor Art


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