The King and I

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Mark 1:14-20

Can you imagine if this happened to you?  You had been at work and Jesus walked in, looked you right in the eyes and said, “The Kingdom of God is at hand. Come Follow me.  Your life will now be about following me where I go.  I will be your King, and you will serve me all the rest of your days.”


The announcement that the Kingdom of God has come near is dramatic enough.   But it is almost too much to consider that, further, it also means that the King has come near.  And we are being called to follow him.  In everything. Forever.


If you pause and think about relating to Jesus as the King of your life, what kinds of thoughts and feelings does that bring up? How is that image helpful for you?  Does it also bring some angst or stress in anyway?  Why?

I venture to guess that all of us, at this point in the devotional, are already thinking about the ways in which we don’t live like he is our King.  I am asking myself, what do I think I am gaining from resisting submitting my life to him, even down to the nitty-gritty?  Do I think I am better able to bring blessing or joy or safety or purpose to my life by not living in submission to the King?

By God's grace, we need to repent of our self-rule and believe the good news (Mark 1:15)


Picture one significant part of your day today...  Ask God, “My King, what do you have for me to do and to be in this thing I am about to walk into?  How can I serve you and the Kingdom by my actions and presence?”

See if he doesn’t lead you in a simple and sweet way through the place He has put you today.


As we live submitted to the King, we are obviously living in the Kingdom with all of the other servants of the King.  In fact, the “Kingdom” idea doesn’t make sense if we only consider ourselves and the King.  We have been destined to be in the Kingdom with other servants, so that TOGETHER we can honor and serve the King’s will.  With whom are you sharing your journey this week?  Who can you message or call right now to encourage in their service?