Be a blessing.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Art Greco.

Last Sunday Covenant Missionary to Thailand Jim Gustafson read a beautiful poem written by the crowned princess of Thailand to her father, the king.  In the poem was a response from her father ... and Jim placed that king’s words into the mouth of OUR king, God himself, “Walk forward,” he said, “if you want to walk with me.”

Where do those words hit you today?  “If you want to walk with me, walk forward.”  Where has God given you the opportunity – even the privilege of “leveling the path” as Gustafson put it in quoting from Proverbs, for someone so THEY might walk forward - toward Jesus? 

And the message of the Kingdom of God being a Kingdom of blessing just couldn’t be missed in last Sunday’s message.  Where might you dare to bless even people you now who disagree with you most – who hurt you most – who seem to oppose you most?  Where is your “island of Muslims” who are only an encounter away from saying of you what those Jim encountered said of him, “Yes, we know we are dealing with Christians, but these are OUR Christians.”?

To bless someone doesn’t necessarily mean you endorse them.  It just means that you see them, love them, and want to level the way for them as they tumble toward Jesus.  After all, isn’t that exactly what Jesus has done for us?