He is the way.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.


I've been lost before.  I mean really lost.  The kind of lost where at first you think you are going to figure it out soon, but then it gradually begins to dawn on you that there is no workable solution coming to you. Do you know what I'm talking about?  The kind of lost where you know you are a relatively capable individual, so you should be able to figure out at least the next steps in getting out of this mess... but the reality keeps coming back to you:  You are really, really, I mean totally, lost.

Once I was in Japan and was trying to follow directions someone had written for me so that I could meet some people for a meeting.  The directions were about 8 steps long.  "Go the train station. Take the train that comes at 10:43 and get off after 8 stops.  Walk across the platform and get on the second train that shows up and go 6 stops.  Get off and go downstairs to the lower platform and get on the train that will be on your right.  Take it 4 stops.  When you get off, go to the bus stands and take get on the 6th bus in the row... " etc. etc.

Of course somewhere in the process (I don't know where), I messed up following the directions.  So by the end of the 8th train and bus, I was then standing on some random street corner in some random town in Northern Japan with out a clue how to even retrace my steps, without a cell phone, without even the beginning of a working knowledge of Japanese.  Lost.  Completely. Lost.  Without a clue as to how to solve my condition.

What I needed was a rescuer.  And to make a long story short.  A man came along and, after hearing what town I had from, literally took me by the arm and led me home.  Giving me more directions wouldn't have helped.  I needed a guide.  A compassionate, generous, sacrificial guide.


Read and meditate on the the words of Jesus in John 14:1-6.  Especially this part:  "I am the way and the truth and the life."

He is the way.  The way.  Not "He will tell you about the way"  But he shows us the way.  He leads and guides and rescues us.  He is the way to the father for salvation (Amen!), but he is also the way each and everyday, through every step we need to take.  Let's face it:  We are lost people.  Good thing we have the way.


Where do you need to hear a clear leading from Jesus about your life journey?  Have you asked him point blank to speak to you and lead you out?  If he doesn't speak a word that you can hear, are there circumstances around the issue that might be his rescue or his guidance?


Don't be deceived.  Everyone around you is lost in some profound way or another, even though they look all put together.  Offer your arm to someone day and be Jesus in the flesh.  Even if you don't have all the answers can you walk with someone for a bit?


Jesus' leading often comes in the form of a brother or sister in the Lord who can speak wisdom into your life and lost-ness.  With whom are you having a "real life" conversation this week?