The Kingdom and being so adult-like.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Matthew 18:1-4

"...unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of heaven."  Matt. 18:3

Becoming more like little children is clearly required if are going to receive and enter into the Kingdom of God. This means that we are going to have fight against our inclinations to be so “adult-like” all the time!

Childlikeness is characterized by humility, hope, joyful expectation, freedom from control, a spirit of non-judgmentalism, etc.  Sadly, these don’t come easily or naturally anymore.  Jesus said we have some changing to do, some “repenting” to do, if we are going to be Kingdom of God people.  That means that there must be an intentional effort on our part to turn toward these childlike characteristics.


When you reflect on being like a child, what characteristics do you think would REALLY help you to connect with and submit to Jesus and his Kingship?

In what ways are you WAY too in control of your life?  Or what ways are tempted to try and be in control all the time?  What do you think sets you up to always try and be so adult-like?  What is going on in your heart, or your mind, or your fears that cause that?

How can you lean into the Spirit of God today to shape you to become more childlike?


One way children bring blessing to the world is by not trying to control those around them.  They are free to simply relate in love.  Is there someone or some group of people in your life with whom you struggle to simply relate in love?  These are the people where your relationship is characterized more by resentment, expectation, frustration, etc., than by love.  Can you think of one action you can take this week to express free and childlike love toward them?


Being with others in deep and authentic spiritual conversation helps us sort out and recognize our compulsive “adult-like” dysfunction.  It reminds us of that we truly want to believe again that anything is possible, and that we want Him to be in control of our lives.

With whom are you sharing and processing this week?