Do not quench the fire of the Spirit.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns.

ENCOUNTER:  Read 1 Thessalonians 5:12-17

I love building fires.  In fact, I have even been known to come dangerously close to burning an entire forest down.  Because of this gift of pyrotechnics, I am fully aware, that fire only grows as long as there is heat and fuel.  

Without heat and fuel, a tiny spark remains only that, a tiny spark.  But if you add more heat, and more fuel then you are well on your way.

Scripture over and over again references our connection with God as similar to a fire.   You can build it and cause it to grow, or you can quench it.  And whether it grows or dies, is really dependent on the amount of heat and fuel you bring to the table.

The best way to keep the fire of faith burring is to simply add heat and fuel in the form of prayer.  Pray all the time, pray about everything, and when you run out of things to talk about, try listening.  This continually connection with God fans the flames of faith.
The second part is to prevent cold water from quenching out the fire.  Our sin and rebellious actions are like ice water to a fire.  So continue to pray, and continue to strive to be holy and watch the fire of faith burn!


How would you really rate your fire with God?  How much of the situation is because you haven’t added enough fuel?  How much is because you keep dousing it with water?

What is a way you can remind yourself to keep the conversation flowing between you and God?


This is a difficult task.  But we must remember that it is difficult because this is a spiritual exercise and the enemy doesn’t want us to grow spiritually.  The best way to succeed is to partner up in your prayer life.  Who will you invite to join you?