I AM. Present. Here.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

burning bush.jpg

ENCOUNTER:  Read the story of Moses and God having the conversation around the burning bush in Exodus 3.

This is the story where God calls himself the “I am.”  The verb “to be.”  In the present tense. Truthfully, the original Hebrew language gives the phrase a sense of all the tenses: “I have been; I am; I will be.”  But the force of the passage and story is that this God, who was active since eternity past, this God who is eternal in his future… This God… He is HERE NOW. 


Our only hope is if this is true.  Where do you long to see him show up in your life journey? Upon reflection, is there evidence that he is already on the scene?  In the hope and anticipation of wild and crazy miracles, is there a chance you are missing where he is quietly and deeply and faithfully present?


Take a minute and consider, armed with this truth, who you might be able to encourage that God is not absent, but is with them in this very season of life.


Who in your life, when you get with them, always encourages you with this truth?  Do you have a plan right now for the next time you are with them?  I’d call them now...