You are to bring reconciliation wherever you go.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns.

Encounter:  Read 2 Corinthians 5:11-21

Every night when I get home I turn on the news.  For 30 minutes I am confronted with the awful reality that we live in a very broken world.  There is war and all the ramifications of war.  There is politics and all the ramifications of politics.  Every story seems to be a picture of people in conflict with no viable way forward.  

According to the world around us, the only way forward is for the stronger person, the stronger state, the stronger party to simply use their power to crush the opposition.  

While this may be the way the world is presented, every human I know longs for another way.  People long for relationship and intimacy.  Even when there are huge chasms between people, both parties wish it wasn't the case.  It just seems like the only available option.  

What an awesome opportunity we have to be the church scattered, to be the people of God integrated into all parts of life here in Marin and the North Bay.  Every day our church is scattered among people who are in deep strife and conflict and have little hope of getting out of it.  

But there is hope!  And that hope is you!

You are the light of the world!  You are the ambassador of reconciliation.  Just like God no longer holds our sins against us, He asks us to model this sort of lifestyle among the people we live with.  We are to be rich in mercy, generous with our forgiveness, and working hard to be reconciled to one another.  

And as we live this way, we will naturally be pointing others towards the author of reconciliation, forgiveness, wholeness and intimacy; the true light, Jesus Christ. 


How have you experienced reconciliation in your life?  With God and with others?

Who in your life do you need to be reconciled to?  What sort of work will you need to do to be able to forgive them?  Will you be willing to take steps towards forgiveness and grace?


Where in your life do you witness conflict the most?  How can you be an ambassador of grace and mercy and help others experience reconciliation? 

Who in your life needs to experience reconciliation with Jesus?  Would you simply take a minute and pray for them?  Ask God how you may be used to be an ambassador of reconciliation.


What is a relationship that might be on the verge of conflict and needs a little "tune up" so you can continue to be in good relationship?  May you find unity and reconciliation so that this relationship will be a witness to God's goodness, grace, and mercy.