"This is where you live."

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.



Read the words of Jesus to his disciples regarding being connected to him in John 15:1-8. 

Notice the number of times and the ways in which Jesus uses the words, “Remain in me.”  Remaining in him = much fruit.  Not remaining in him = no fruit.  Remaining in him seems pretty necessary, to say the least. The word “remain” means ABIDE.  MAKE YOUR HOME THERE.  LIVE THERE.  “This is where you live” is kind of code for “don’t get so distracted with all the rest of the craziness of life that you miss living with a conscious connection to Jesus.”  We are destined to stay connected to him; this is where you live.  (See Will Smith arguing for the merits of “This is where you live…”)


How close would you say your connection to Jesus has been?  Why would you say that?  What does it look like for you to live connected?  Get practical: What are the ways you find that you normally and naturally foster being connected to Jesus?  How can you make sure there are margins in your life where that stuff can happen?


Is there someone in your life that you can help stay connected to Jesus?  Someone who needs an invitation to worship with us, or to study the Word with you, or to go to small group?  Is there one email you can send right now to initiate that encouragement?


We believe that people grow and move toward a life in Christ best when they are connected in a smaller group.  This is never truer than when we talk about remaining in Jesus.  With whom are you mutually encouraging one another toward Jesus? Is there one person you can think of that makes you want to follow Christ more when you are around them?  Send them a text right now and tell them so.