Working for the common good.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Jeremiah 29:4-11

It seems like everyone is waiting for what is next.  And if they aren't waiting for what is next they are worrying about what has happened in the past.  In fact, so much of our mental energy is spent on things that have already happened or have not yet happened that we actually miss out on this exact moment.  The moment we are living in right now is where life is lived, it is where decisions are made, and it is where people are impacted.

When we get too caught up in the future or the past we totally miss out on what God actually has for us right here, right now!

As we talked about on Sunday, God has crafted the totally unique masterpiece that is you.  He has given you unique passions, desires, abilities, strengths and weaknesses.  You are unlike everyone else on planet earth.  And instead of worrying about who you are not, or being paralyzed by what you can't do, imagine how different your day would be if you could life into the reality that God has made you you for this exact moment in time, right here, right now.

May you embrace the reality of your unique giftedness and your unique calling to this time, and to this place.  Soak up and be thankful for all the ways God has blessed you, and in return pray for peace, work for the common good, and be a blessing to all you come in contact with today!


Spend some time reflecting on all the ways that God has uniquely crafted you.  What are you passionate about?  What brings you the most joy?  What are you good at?  What benefits do you bring to the table based on your background?  How do you connect with God best?  What is it that you can do that nobody else can do?


Imagine what it would look like, if just for today, you leveraged all of who God made you to be to be a blessing to every single person you came in contact with today.  Stop and think about all the people you will rub shoulders with today.  How can you be a blessing, to love, care, or even see the people around you?


God has designed us to with other people.  There are people in your life that God longs for you to be invested in.  But even more than being present, or being kind, God longs for you to partner with Him and be spiritually invested in them.  Consider committing to praying for 5 people in your life.  In fact praying every day for them, asking God to grow your  heart for them, for God to grow their heart for Jesus and for God to show you ways for your to love and care for them.  And watch God move in a mighty way!