Change is possible.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read 2 Corinthians 3:7-18

"...And we all, who with unveiled faces contemplate the Lord's glory, are being transformed into his image with ever increasing glory..."  2Cor. 3:18

Change is possible.  In fact, it is what God is about with you.  Once you say yes to the good news that Jesus has forgiven you and wants to be the Lord of your life, then the Holy Spirit come to indwell you.  And once he comes to dwell in you, then he is constantly at work to shape you, to form you, to transform you more and more into the image of God you were created to be.  You were not meant to live in brokenness forever, but as part of your salvation through Christ, you are being transformed into ever increasing glory.  So you are not stuck where you are!


This work is a miraculous and gracious work of God, but it requires us to participate.  We have to place ourselves in God's presence and submit ourselves to God's hand so that he can do his work in us.  Would you say that you are willingly putting yourself in God's presence and inviting his power to work in you?  Most of us don't thinks so intentionally about our relationship with God.  But we should be asking: What kinds of practices are built into my life that help me connect with God, with his truth, and with his power?  Is there one thing you can do this week to place yourself on the wheel so that Potter can begin to shape you?


As God is doing his work in you, one of the evidences is that you will begin to find your heart beating with the same things that make God's heart beat.  His desires begin to become your desires.  This often easy to see manifested in how you find yourself loving and caring for the people that he puts in your path.  We cannot miss that this is God wanting to be at work THOROUGH you since he has already been working IN you.  Here is a challenge:  One time this week, pause and ask God this question, or one like it: "God, who in my life today would you like to love, or encourage, or care for through me?"  See if you can't hear the voice of the Spirit impressing on your heart a person or persons.   Then by the Lord's leadership, figure a way to take a step of love toward them!


Part of the beauty of the Jesus' church is that he has infused special power in the collective practicing of some of these disciplines that place us in the presence of God.  Even the spiritual disciplines we do alone can be even more powerful when we share with another how we are being changed, and what we are learning and hearing from God.  Are you journeying together with others this week?  How can you increase your connections with others on the journey?