Service: It is not just for restaurant workers, you know.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Art Greco.


You would think that when answering the question, “How should I spend my year?” the notion of using it in the service of Jesus, our king would be one of the first things to roll off our lips.  But I must be honest.  The idea of intentionally, consciously “spending” a year serving Jesus was something I heard from someone else – one of those concepts in response to which I slapped my forehead and said, “Duh!  Why didn’t I think of that?  Of COURSE!” IN that moment, it almost felt as though Jesus himself was standing in a dark corner watching me – only willing to step forward and show himself once I finally realized how important (yet too seldom considered) the practice of serving him is.

Know the worst part of this?  I have no problem thinking of Jesus as a king who would ask me the question, “I love you.  How might I serve you today?”  But I can’t really recall too many times I’ve begun a prayer that way.  I think it might be past time to start.


Think of what it means to be a servant to a king.  As Americans, we are repulsed by the idea of having a king over us. In some circles, the curious obsession of friends in the U.K. have with their “royals” leaves people shaking their heads in befuddled disbelief.  So to suggest that we might actually bow down in service to OUR king can be a bit of a stretch. But try.  

List two or three characteristics of a server.  Examples might be: “Servers find out what I want and bring it to me” or “servers work hard to make sure that I’m pleased with their work”.  But choose some of your own.

Now reflect how those traits could inform you in your service to Jesus and, more to the point, how you might “spend” a year in that service to him.

Now pray, beginning your prayer with these words, “Hello, my king.  I’m here to serve you this year.  How might I do that?  I desire to know ... and then to take steps to actually do it.”


The point of serving someone is to be a blessing to him or her.  But we often forget that we can be a blessing to God.  He certainly blesses us, and we’re thankful for that.  But in serving him, we also bless him.  I’m thinking of that old song we used to sing in the early days of the Jesus movement and contemporary Christian choruses.  It’s really just scripture put to music:  “Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me.  Bless his holy name.”

Yes, be a blessing – to people, for sure.  But don’t forget that when we serve, we bless.  And that goes for serving our king too.  When we do that, we bless him.


One Christian seeking to serve the best interests of his/her heavenly king is effective.  In fact, it’s downright powerful.  But if and when we are together in that service, worlds change.  Consider a year of service to our king.  But why not also consider doing that WITH somebody?  

In outreach we ask two questions: “To whom am I called.” & “With whom will I go?”  Perhaps we cold also ask those questions when seeking to serve our king and do it in a way that value the place of community in that service.