COMPASSION: So Much More Than a Feeling.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Art Greco.

Justin McRoberts is a friend of our church and an excellent colleague of our pastors. It was not only a pleasure but a gift to have him share with us last Sunday, giving insights into the day's theme of compassion.  If for some reason you missed his message, we encourage you to watch it on the web site. The date for that message is November 6. For those of you who were here but want to reflect more on what he said, here are some of the pertinent points he presented:

I.  The compassion of Jesus has context in relationship and moves toward   action. 

  • Jesus is pursuing connections and encounters with others.

  • His compassion begins with intentionally engaging in relationship and community. 
  • Jesus responds with the action of prayer and a call for discipleship / leadership. 


II.  The compassion of Jesus is personal and is expressed personally.

  • It breaks the cold, mathematic cycle of action = consequence by saying, “Let me offer you something better.” 

  • It doesn't just hope someone “learns their lesson.” Instead, it helps them find restoration and redemption. 


III.  The compassion of Jesus does not excuse sin. But it does share the burden of sin’s consequences.

  • It costs something to express.
  • It remembers when the shoe was on the other foot.


Thanks again, Justin, for bringing your gifts and BEING a gift to us.