Do you want to be great?

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns

ENCOUNTER:  Read Mark 10:34-45

I love Christmas so much.  Everything about it.  But if you actually think about it, how crazy is it to think about the God of the universe, the King of Kings, coming to Earth as a human, and as a human baby at that.  Tiny, needy, and weak.  

Yet in this one act, Jesus set the trajectory for His entire life and ministry.  He is the greatest, He is the Son of God most High!  He deserves all honor, worship, and respect.  He deserves to be listened to and obeyed.  And He deserves our devotion and submission.  

For as much as He deserves these things because He has made himself approachable to all people; no matter their status, economic portfolio, morality, ethnicity, age, or sex.  He lived out one of the greatest truths in God's economy, that those who are the greatest will be the servant of all.  

Jesus did proved his servant's heart to the point of death.  And because of His service, His life is a model, His death and blood covers our sins, and His resurrection gives us a full and abundant life for evermore! 

For us Christ-followers, we are compelled to follow in the dust of our Master.  We are tempted to jockey for position, like James and John.  But our clear call from the Lord Himself, is that for those who want to be great in the Kingdom of God, MUST be the servant of all. 


How are you like James and John?  Where do you fight for status and privilege?  Are you willing to wrestle with Jesus and put that on the cross, crucify it, and then follow Jesus?  This is harder than we expect, so it is helpful to own it, be free in the truth of how hard it is, then experience the power of God as he transforms us. :)


Where the rubber meets the road is when we, in real time, with real people consider others above our selves and serve them.  Who in your family, at work, in your daily world do you need to serve?  Come up with a practical and significant way to serve them.  


It is counterintuitive to share about how you are going to serve.  So, out of false humility, we don't.  And then we don't actually serve.  Find someone in your life who you can share your struggle to give up your rights, your attempt to serve and how you are going to pull it off.  This one move of inviting someone into your application of faith will be revolutionary.  Marry Christmas!