Formed by worship.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Luke 7:36-30

"... A woman in that town who lived a sinful life learned that Jesus was there so she came with an alabaster jar of perfume..."  Luke 7:37

We are made to be worshipers.  There is no other way to interpret the reality of every human heart’s desire to leap in response when it encounters something extraordinary.  Of course, at the core of that aspect of our design is our longing to respond to God himself, in all his majesty, beauty, love, and authority.


We were designed to have eyes to see, minds to comprehend, and hearts to be drawn to two very simple things.  1)  Who God is, and 2) What God has done for us.  Think for a minute about where you can see the nature and character of God manifested even as you go through your day today.  When we stop and reflect, and our eyes are open to his presence in and around us, we respond with humility and gratefulness and awe.  This is a worship moment.  Right in the middle of a Wednesday or Thursday of everyday life! And further, how can you build into your days a reflection on what God has done and is doing in you, through you, and around the world? For example:  his grace and forgiveness, his healing power, his wooing of hearts, his rescuing intervention, his strengthening presence.  When we stop and reflect on these things our response is a worship response.  It’s praise and adoration (and invitation for MORE!)  This is worship at its most genuine.  Because living like this rehearses what is MOST TRUE about God, the universe, life, people and your “today,” it begins to shape us, or form us more and more into who we were made to be.  This is the formational power of the spiritual practice of worship.


As I have said before: As God is doing his work in you, one of the evidences is that you will begin to find your heart beating with the same things that make God's heart beat.  His desires begin to become your desires.  As you worship him, you are changed.  And as you are changed, you take on more and more of his character.  Not only are you developing a deeper love for God, but you deepen in your genuine love for people.  Maybe today, as a worship response to Gods nearly unimaginable grace toward you (and the whole world), you can reach out and love someone who has become hard for you to love in your flesh.  See if you can’t see how much God is changing you, and how much power you receive simply by being a worshiper.


And don’t forget to harness the corporate power of God’s people gathering together for worship.  Sunday mornings are more than a collective humanly energetic gathering.  There is something profoundly encouraging and formational when by the presence of the Holy Spirit we are reminded by the Church and called by the Church to respond to God appropriately.  If feels like this is what WE were made to do together.  And God in turn does something powerful in us.

See you Sunday!