God and Work

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Col. 3:23,24

"... It is the Lord Christ you are serving..."

Work could be SO much more joyful and fun and adventurous.  We have that suspicion inside of us.  We know the joy, peace, love and purpose God has put in our hearts.  And we get in touch with it every Sunday when we gather for worship, and get inspired by the Word of God, and get encouraged by our friends at church who are devoted to Jesus.  But once Monday hits we can struggle finding our groove: where the "real" me (the me that loves God and walks with Jesus) and the "work" me can actually be the same person.  We just aren't sure how me and God and work all come together.


One of the realities that we often forget as Christ-followers is that God created work.  And he called it "very good."  It is part of his creation of the human race, both male and female in his image, that they would be given work to do as an extension of his loving and gracious creation narrative.  He created work as part of His Work in the world.

So when we go to work, we are going to His Work.  And he is accomplishing his will in a zillion ways:  Human needs are met, redemptive and restorative change happens, he is magnified when we use our gifts, his love is shared, and Kingdom of God work is funded.

It may be easy for some of us to see how God is working through our work.  The mission of our work may be easily aligned with Kingdom of God stuff, like a nurse or a teacher, or an At Home Mom.  If that is the case for you, then all the more reason for you to enjoy God's presence and leading, and the adventure of serving him so tangibly day in and day out.  Keep in touch with that, and Go For It!

But for others of us it might take some reflection to see any way that our 9-5 job has God's fingerprints or blessing or calling on it.  But it is imperative for us to get our heads around such a reality.  For if this is the place God has us spending the majority of our days, then we can be sure he has not abandoned us to it without him, or without purpose.

In what ways is God giving you the opportunity in and through your work to "serve the Lord Christ" today?  Where can you see that your job and your part in the office and mission of your company is partnering with God to meet needs, share God's love and grace, etc.?  At the very least, we can start today by thanking God that he has given us this work and asking him to empower us to love the heck out of everyone we encounter today!


Maybe you can start with that adventure...  How can you show love to someone in your work context today?  Whether it is a client, customer, or co-worker, make a choice to be an agent of God's crazy love for them.


Pretty much everyone of us has the same reality.  We live in a daily pursuit of finding meaning and joy in the work that God has given us today.  Can you encourage someone today in your small group, or family, or in our church?  Figure out a way to let them know that what they are putting their hands to at work is the Work of God.  Help them see the adventure in it!

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