Practicing His presence at work.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read John 14:15-18

"... and He will give you a counselor (an advocate) to help you and be with you forever -- the Spirit of Truth." - John 14:16,17

The idea of being WITH God at work is a relatively easy one to get our head around conceptually.  He is everywhere at all times and all that jazz...  But really practicing that reality takes, well, practice.  Without an intentional effort on our part, we can became, for all practical purposes, Monday Morning Atheists.  That is, we live like God doesn't exist.  None of actually wants to live like this.  It just happens when we aren't reminded of God's presence.


If God is ever-present by his spirit within you, how could you build in reminders or disciplines that will help you consciously connect with God?  If we could be constantly practicing his presence then it would put us in the position of being able to access all that a living, vital relationship with God promises:  We would stop and invite him into our tasks, conversations, moods, etc.  We would recognize our need for his power and help.  We would be open to his wisdom and actual leading, his speaking to us that we often don't "hear" when we run with our hair on fire as if it were all up to us!  We would breath deeply of the spirit of God within us so that his fruit manifests itself in our life; so we would have more love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.  My goodness, who doesn't long to be God's person exhibiting that kind of fruit?

What is one way you can practice his presence at work today?  Set a reminder?  Multiple ones?  Start and end your day with God and his Word? At the intersection of each task or new conversation or meeting, pause and invite the presence of the Holy Spirit?

Do you think this would make a difference in your life... and in your place of work?


Each week, in these devotionals, we consider how we can be a blessing the the world, in the places God has put us.  Almost nothing could be more impactful than looking for how, at work, you can be someone who spreads the love (and presence!) of God.  What if you picked one person at work that you could (privately) pray for everyday this week?  And what if you asked God for how you could strengthen, encourage, even love them?  Go for it and see if you don't find that God can do new things at work!


All of us in the body of Christ, the Church, are longing to be God's people, remembering to access his presence and power.  Is there someone that you can encourage to practice God's presence today?  Maybe a set up a mutual system of reminders that God is with you?  I received an email this week that simply said, "No fear.  Be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power."  Can you do something like that, even right this minute, to strengthen a spiritual friend?

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