I'm at my best when my soul finds rest in God alone.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff Mazzariello.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Psalm 62:1,2

"... My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from him.  He alone is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will never be shaken."

This explains everything.  This presupposition, foundational to understanding the human condition, literally explains what we see in each and every person's experience of looking for life at it's best.  This passage, and similar teaching in the scriptures, unequivocally states that we were meant to find LIFE at it's deepest and richest in our relationship with God.  The peace/rest that we all long for is found solely and exclusively in him and through the salvation that he brings.  The reason this explains so much is that we all share in the very real experience (and disappointment) of looking for life in all the wrong places.  Our souls stray from God and we take our restlessness to all kinds of other places hoping that this person, or this vacation, or this car, or this next job, or this remodel will FINALLY bring our souls to the place of peace and rest for which we long.


What do you do with your restlessness?  It is a good question.  It is a hard question..

We tend to think that when we aren't thriving - the undirected, semi-floundering state in which we often live - we think that is just sort of normal... at worst.  But the scriptures have instructed us that what is happening is that our souls are always in search of peace and rest.  And that rest can only be found in our relationship with God through Christ.  So our un-thriving can be explained by our misplaced searching for peace.

So we ask the hard question of ourselves:  What do you do with your restlessness?  If you were honest, where could you identify that you keep searching for this "soul rest" apart from God?

Another way of asking ourselves this question is:  What do I keep hoping will make me happy or bring me peace?

With this kind of introspection and reflection, we can turn away from that false hope, enjoying God's gifts to us, but not depending on them to satisfy our souls, and we can turn to God for peace, for healing, and for all that we need.


As a practical application of these truths, one of the ways we can be a blessing is to consciously remove our expectations that our spouse, our kids, our love interest, our boss, or our colleagues are there to make us happy!  If we are taking our restlessness to them (when they, of course, can never fill our souls), then we are setting them and ourselves up for disappointment.  We can be a blessing to all our relationships by turning our souls toward Jesus daily, weekly, consciously, so that we actually bring our full, peaceful selves to people... instead of looking to them to make us happy.


All of us in the body of Christ, the Church, are longing to be God's people, to find our soul's rest in God alone.  Who can you encourage this week to turn to God for their rest and peace? Can you drop a note or make a call right now to someone who has been struggling and encourage them to turn to him?