Colossians: Strength for the journey.

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Colossians 1:11-12

I love that one of the many ways we describe our faith is that it is a journey.  It is us, walking along the path towards Christ.  Sometimes we go rouge and get distracted by shiny lights and end up on a total different path.  Sometimes we are simply exhausted from our journey that we find ourselves simply sitting on the side of the road.

This picture of a journey is one that is easy to understand and one we can relate with.  The best journeys are not simply about the destination.  Now you need a good destination or you wander aimlessly.  But once you know where you are going there is so much to enjoy along the way.  And even better, sharing the journey with others makes the whole experience even better.  

In this passage of Colossians, Paul recognizes that this is a challenging journey and we need to be prepared.  We need strength.  Strength to stay on the path, strength to not give up or turn around.  

If you are going to be the person that God has designed you to be, then you must take a minute and take stock of how you are really doing.  What is really going on in your heart.  How tired or fatigued are you?

Take a minute, grab a seat under a tree, break out the trail mix and get replenished for the journey ahead.  


  • How are you really doing?  Are you tired? Depressed?  Apathetic?  What is causing you or tempting you to bail on your faith?
  • Where do you need strength? Patience?  Endurance?


  • Whenever I am tired, I find that working out together, hiking together, even spiritual disciplines are better when we do them with others.  Who will you journey with?