Who will you consider today?

This week's devotional is from Pastor Ben Kerns.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Philippians 2:1-11

I have come to an awful conclusion lately, I AM ALWAYS RIGHT.  It turns out that almost everything I do and everything I  believe, I have landed on because I think it is right.  In fact, the only times I intentionally did the wrong thing was because I was feeling rebellious or wanted to cut a corner.  

As quickly as I had come to this conclusion about always being right, I came across another awful conclusion, millions, if not billions of people do not agree.  

You see, we all have a unique perspective, and this is because our histories, families, culture, finances, ethnicity, and about a gazillion other factors have shaped how we see the world.  And for as uniquely as I understand the world, the same is true for every single person I come in contact with.  

This is where the scripture is so helpful.  Because according to Philippians, we are not the center of the universe,  and, in fact, our passions and desires are not paramount.  Jesus Christ is the King of King and Lord of Lords.  He is worthy of all worship, honor, and respect, and yet modeled humility and service to others, even to his enemies.  

As we grow to be more like Jesus, the way we know we are maturing is because we are making humility and service more and more central to our character.  

Considering others above ourselves is an anathema to our society and culture.  We have no muscle memory for it.  So, today, lets try to put this theoretical idea into practice.  


Think of three people you will interact with today.  Without even realizing it, you always interact with them on your terms and want certain things from them.  Think about what your terms are and what you usually want from them?  

Now, consider them, their day, their perspective, their needs.

Imagine the moment that you are going to be in contact with them.


Based on who they are, what they need, what would it look like to consider their needs above your own?  Now, try it out and do it. 


We are always going to be together with people.  The more we consider other's perspectives, needs, and issues, the deeper friendship and community we will develop.  Let us move towards each other by considering others above ourselves.