We're not done with the Lord's Prayer

This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff.

ENCOUNTER:  Matthew 6:9-13

“This, then, is how you should pray...”

We have enjoyed preaching through the Lord's prayer over these last couple of months.  I hope you were able to be a part of not only the preaching, but the worship experiences each Sunday during this season of Lent.  (If you missed some sermons you can always watch online.  Link here to go to the sermons page on our website.)

It is our hope that at the end of this season, you won’t be “done” with the Lord’s prayer and move away from it just because our sermon series is over.  Go back to the text even today reading and praying your way through the prayer that Jesus taught us to pray.  Pause at each phrase reflecting on how to personally pray that part of the prayer and ask God to speak to you at each step.

Here is the video that we played during worship on Easter showing many different people in our church family praying the prayer and emphasizing phrase by phrase.  We think it is a beautiful way to be reminded of how each of us engages with God in very unique ways even as we are united in our common faith.


As we conclude this series, here are a couple of questions that may help you reflect on how to capitalize on all this great teaching and what you have learned during our study.

- How might you utilize the Lord’s prayer as a helpful guide for your prayer life going forward in the next season of life?

- What part of the prayer did you feel most inspired/challenged/strengthened by?  Why do you think God was prompting you about that particular part?

- What part of the prayer is the hardest for you to understand?  Can you go back and watch the sermon on that part and re-engage with what Jesus might have been trying to teach?

- What do you think this study on the prayer has taught you about your prayer life?  Any “take-aways?”


As you gather with your smaller-er groups this month, ask your brothers and sisters in the Lord some of the questions above.  See how God might have you encourage their journey with him and the prayer.


One reality of the Lord’s prayer is that it teaches us to use plural pronouns when praying!  “Our” father, give “us,” “our” daily bread, “our” transgressions, as “we” forgive, etc.

Praying together with another person may be a difficult or intimidating thing to do, but it is by far one of the most rewarding.  And it is how Jesus told us we should pray.  With whom are you connected?  Find a way this week to pray together. 


“There is no one way to pray but one way to pray is the one way that Jesus taught us to pray.” -- May you continue to commune with God through this great prayer.