Out of Mazari

nairobi slum pic.jpg

Last Sunday was our annual “Compassion Sunday” where we encourage partnership with “Compassion International” to address and confront profound poverty in the lives of children through personal sponsorships. We were blessed to host Kennedy Krezi who grew up in the Nairobi slum of Mazari and is a graduate of the Compassion program there. Joining him in sharing some of their experiences, though, were three members of the team of MCC folk that recently returned from a trip to Nairobi to meet the children they are sponsoring.

I’m thrilled to say that all but 6 of the 100 new children we presented for sponsorship last Sunday were, in fact, sponsored. And we expect those 6 children to find sponsors from within the MCC family within the next couple of weeks. That brings the number of Compassion children our church sponsors to about 250. Not bad for a church with average Sunday morning adult attendance of 450-500, representing about 135 households.

As your devotion this week I thought it would be good to present you the opportunity to see the long version of the “video” of our trip that our son and team member Josh Greco put together. Josh not only got to meet one of the children he sponsors but also served as our designated “team photographer.” The film is 8+ minutes long, but it tells more of the story of our journey. Especially powerful to me were two scenes. The first is the section that shows sponsors meeting their children - most for the first time - and Michael Hill’s child running and almost tackling him as she jumped into his arms. The kids were driven in from all around Kenya to be treated to time with their sponsors at a local park … with rides, ice cream, cotton candy, a reptile display and, of course, a great lunch and fun time with their sponsors. The second is a brief scene where Josh is surrounded by a group of children in the village were many or our church’s kids live. They initially approached him because of a fascination with and desire to stoke his beard but ended with a fantastic, almost suffocating “group hug.”

I hope you get a sense for the joy we all experienced (including the kids and Kenyan Compassion staff there). And if you are interested in sponsoring a child through Compassion, please do contact me art@marincovenant.org or Pastor Dani danielle@marincovenant.org. We’d LOVE to help you to know the blessing of changing a life in that way.

Here’s the link to the video. Enjoy: