Being a Gift to God


This week's devotional is from Pastor Jeff.

ENCOUNTER:  Read Psalm 103

"Bless the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, bless his holy name..."

Your bible might say "praise the Lord" which is also a good translation of the Hebrew word that means "bless."  You know, like "be a blessing to."  Or make someone happy.  Or bring someone joy.  Or be a gift to someone. King David is writing this worship poem/song to remind his own soul (and us) that from the deepest places we can bless God.  Bless God?  How can we be a blessing to God?  That is exactly the question.


Have you ever thought about life like that?  Take a few minutes and reflect on this question:  What could you bring to God that would bless him?  Worship? Yes, and what about it?  What kind of worship blesses God, do you think?  Faithfulness?  Certainly, where have know God's leading and are being obedient to him lately? Purity? No doubt.  Have you taken a fearless moral inventory and had the guts to jettison some action or attitude that has not been life-giving to you or a blessing to God?  What would it be like if we asked the question everyday, "God are you being blessed by me?"


When we seek to be a blessing to God it is nearly automatic that, as a consequence, we become blessings to the world around us.  And the reverse is also a universal truth:  When we love and bless people, God is blessed by it.  Ask God to reveal to you how to be a gift so someone whom he has put on your heart.  And ask God how that pleases him!  Be in touch with God's delight in you and your service and love for others.


The body of Christ builds one another up as each part does its work.  As you gather with your small group this week, and/or as you gather in worship on Sunday, be aware of how people are being a gift to you by being a gift to God.  And be attentive to what pleases God in how you interact with those in our church family.  Do you see that you are being used by God to bring strength to others?  Can you see how your Heavenly Father is blessed by it? Don’t miss this incredible miracle of the way God meets his people in His Church!


He loves you so deeply and is so delighted when you live fully into your identity as his child, his worshiper, his servant, his faithful follower...  May he be blessed by you this week.