Can't have the remodeled bathroom without fixing the leak!


Written by Pastor Ben

ENCOUNTER: Read Hebrews 4:12-14

Everyone I meet with longs for God's best for them, the long to be the person that they are designed to be, they long to live in freedom! This is precisely what we have been preaching about over this last month. IT IS FOR FREEDOM THAT CHRIST HAS SET US FREE!!

While this is our heart's desire, we self-sabotage. So, if we are going to live in freedom then we must be free to do some of the scary work to clear the decks for freedom to happen.

Imagine you want to remodel your bathroom. It is only old and dated and the time is now! Most of us would like to simply knock out the shower and put in a new sink, paint the walls and call it a day. But in the process, you discover there is some mold. Our instinct is to look the other way and put the new furnishings in and paint over the mold and hope it goes away.

Everyone who knows anything about bathrooms knows that covering the problem with some new paint and furnishings just pushes the problem down the road and that problem will be exponentially more substantial when you are forced to deal with it. The correct way forward is to expose the mold, all of it! To find the leak and fix it! And then to put everything back together, usually at 4X's the cost. :) At least you now have a remodeled bathroom with everything in working order ready to be used for the next 15 years!

This is exactly what it means to live in freedom. We are so quick to slap new paint onto our lives that we never get to the deeper issues. If we are honest, there is mold, black mold, lots of mold in the innermost parts of our lives. It is scary and disgusting. But looking away doesn't help. It is for this black mold that Jesus died. So there is no fear, no shame, only help!

Most of us are so busy in our lives that we can overlook the mold beneath the surface for a long, long time. And that is why, as people moving towards Christ, we must spend time with Jesus, in the word and have a posture where the Holy Spirit, through the word of God and cut to the marrow and expose the inner workings of our heart, exposing the mold so we can be forgiven and healed.

And it is only after we have identified our mold, exposed it to the light, and experienced the grace and forgiveness of Jesus, can we begin to live in freedom, the healed and whole version of ourselves Jesus dreamt up for us before the beginning of time!



Who do you long to be? What is the black mold in your life that is preventing this dream to become a reality? If you don't have any, then chances are that you are not allowing God's word to cut deep enough. :) This is a perfect time to practice confession. And as you confess, live into the assurance that your sins are forgiven in Christ Jesus.


How can you walk with others who are under construction? Who is God inviting you to help expose mold? Who is God inviting you to extend grace and mercy as they are under construction? Who is walking with you as you work on exposing more and more of your inner life to Jesus?


This remodeling process cannot be done in isolation. Who will you invite to walk with you as you do the hard work so that you can live more and more into freedom?