We become what we worship; fools


ENCOUNTER: Romans 1:21-22

In our house, we were duped by the fun and seemingly lightheartedness of the Disney channel's lineup of family comedies. The favorite in our house was "Good Luck, Charlie." Like many other Disney shows, the kids are brilliant and clever and their parents, particularly the dads are complete morons.

As a family, we laughed together at the light-hearted comedy. We were thankful that there was something on the TV to watch. But over the course of a month or so we saw a change happen in our kids. They began to mimic the kids on the show and slowly, but surely, we, parents were the idiots. And, just like that, the Disney channel is off the air in our house. :)

This is a light-hearted example, but one that has deep ramifications. Think of the people you look up to and admire. Without even realizing it, your life has begun to mirror theirs. If you are not aware of that, both the good and the bad of that person will begin to infiltrate your thinking and your world view.

Where this goes off the rails is when we admire, even worship others uncritically. Scripture reveals to us that when we worship created things rather than the creator our hearts get hard and our thinking becomes futile and we actually become fools.

While we are made in the image of God we are not God. And when we worship others we are worshiping a copy of a copy. Or even worse, when we are finding ourselves in the center of our universe and have put our own humanity, our own passions, and desires as paramount, we really become closed off to the things of God.

If we want to keep a soft heart towards God and towards each other, if we want to have our best thoughts about ourselves and the world around us, then we must have the right anchor. According to Genesis 1 and reiterated all throughout scripture, that anchor is that God, Yahweh is the one true God, creator of Heaven and Earth and is the one true God worthy of all honor and praise.


This truth rubs against our human nature for selfishness and rebellion. Is that something that you are willing to wrestle with in the first place? Why or why not? How have you worshiped others or yourselves above God? How has that worked out for yourself? What do you need to confess to step away from the throne, and recognize that it is God who lives there?


Once we remember the place that God holds, then we can embrace the incredible reality that humans are made in the image of God and worthy of all sorts of dignity and respect. Who in your sphere of influence needs to be shown some more dignity and respect? Who have you "otherized" in your world that you need to do some work to re-humanize?


Like always, this walk of faith is so much better done together. Who is someone you would be willing to share your struggles with? Both your struggles in your own rebellion and your struggles with dehumanizing others.