It is our entire church's joy to make space for you and for your kids to explore, grow, wrestle, and deepen your love for God as you move towards Christ.  As an orientation, we wanted to share with you a couple things about the program:

1) We are an "Orange" church.  This means that we think the best way for your kids to grow in their love for God is when there is a partnership between the church and the family.  Check out the video below to learn more about the Orange curriculum that our staff and volunteers use every Sunday morning.  Learn more about our curriculum by clicking on PRE-SCHOOL or ELEMENTARY. 

2) To stay connected, sign up for our weekly email so you can stay on top of all the latest news and curriculum.  You can sign up by CLICKING HERE.

3) Begin your parent co-op application today.  Our children's ministry model is unique in that we want to have every parent involved in their child's Sunday School class.  We ask parents to partner with our ministry team and volunteer 1 time a month in their child’s Sunday school class. This is such a win in so many ways.  Your child will be loved on and known by all of their friend's parents. You will get to know and love all your kid's friends.  As kids grow up and move up and out of Children's ministry, we have been blown away by how rooted our kids feel by being known and cared for by so many other adults in our larger church.  On top of that incredible benefit, we have also found that this is a great way for you as parents to get connected and make friends.  To start this process, print our application, fill it out and give it to our Children's ministry team on Sunday morning.  

We are so glad that you have found your way here and look forward to sharing life and ministry together.  Please reach out to us with any questions.

- Your Children's Ministry Team!

Your children's ministry team /// Katie Kerns, Stacie Mancini, and Beth Bardo

Your children's ministry team /// Katie Kerns, Stacie Mancini, and Beth Bardo